About us

Octorate provides a solution to manage reservations for every kind of tourism establishment. Octorate was born out of the idea to create an efficient alternative to the systems used by big hotel chains, offering the best technology available on the market.
A solution that allows you to manage booking activies, using several digital tools and positioning your offerings in more than 130 international platforms. We can garantee you the hottest and more profitable online channels.

Our target is to support even the smaller establishment in managing online travel agencies, expanding the range of provided services and tools that allow hoteliers to be self-governing and efficient.
More than 20.000 establishments use Octorate technology to manage online reservations generating a turnover of more than 1.200 million euros.

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In order to make hotel management quicker, user-friendly and efficient, Octorate is fully committed in research and technological development. Cutting-edge innovations allow to manage and optimize marketing activities linked to all kind of services provided by hotels, b&bs, holyday farms, apartments and more.

A central access point to synchronize occupancy, price and availability on every distribution channel online. The main goal is to speed up the process regarding pricing, promotion and cancelation, avoiding overbookings and increasing revenue.


We are a young team sharing the common desire to innovate and revolution hospitality industry technologies.

Worldwide, Unconventional, Agile

Those three concepts are the ones that define us, and sticking by them we keep growing up together both as professionals and as human beings.