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Manage your Hotel with your smartphone or iPhone

Manage your Property from your Smartphone or iPhone

Manage your property everywhere

Octorate App gives hoteliers full control of all daily operations.

This feature allows you to manage important activities such as check-in/out (through QR code), rates, availabilities and special offers on all distribution channels in real time, directly through your smartphone.

With this App, you will manage anything, anywhere and from any device. Customized notifications and strategic control in real time will let you save time and increase efficiency and revenue.
In addition to smartphone App, on iOS platform you can also find its Apple Watch version. It features more options to manage and monitor check-in/out activities.

Availabilities and reservations in a single calendar

The Availability Calendar provides an immediate rooms occupancy display, you can filter results by period or room type.
Select your rooms and edit availability, rate, minimum stay and reservation details. Besides the filters, you can also scroll the page and make your management easier.

Inside the reservation index you can display the reservation details to get the room ready for your guests.
Arrival, departure, length of stay, guest name and room type.
Also in this section, you can filter results by period.

  • Display and manage reservations from the Calendar
  • Filter room and period
  • Manage multi-property
  • Manage rates
  • Manage availability
  • Manage Minimum Stay
  • Daily arrivals and departures and real time Check-in/Check-out
  • QR code reader for Vouchers
  • Reservation index
  • Insert reservation manually
  • PMS Real Planning
  • Instant messaging support chat

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Manage multi-property

Access this menu by clicking the icon on the upper left side of the screen. You can switch from one section to another or even from one property to another.

Instant messaging system

Help and Support section allows you to use the instant messaging system to contact Team Octorate.
Full support in real time to meet any need or request about our platform and additional services.

QR code reader for Vouchers

The QR code reader allows you to scan the reservation voucher of your customers.
Through the back camera of your device, you will be able to check-in your customers in a few sceconds, sending all the necessary information to the system.

PMS Real Planning

With Octorate Mobile App, you can also use our integrated PMS Real Planning to manage housekeeping and all the daily operations related to the rooms of your property.
Thanks to its intuitive interface, you can display or edit all room information filtering by period.


Not only total control over online payments, Octorate will allow you to improve your online visibility, to manage all distribution channels and to increase direct bookings, thanks to a Booking Engine module that is responsive and customizable.