Channel Manager

All booking sites in one place

Manage every online distribution channel with a click!

The Channel manager is a platform to manage every online distribution channel (OTAs, GDS/IDSs, Metasearch, Wholesalers, Direct reservations and many more…).
It is developed on a solid cloud-based infrastructure that can be accessed from any mobile device, anywhere. A safe and simple solution to manage availability, pricing, and promotion of your property. And you can also manage every invoicing process directly through Octorate platform.

perfect for big and small

Made-to-measure to adapt to every kind of establishment, from a small b&b to large hotel chains, Octorate’s channel manager allows you to connect with more than 110 websites among our partners.

It doesn’t really matter if you own a hostel or a holiday farm, a vacation rental or a grand hotel, you will definitely increase your profits and you most certainly will avoid overbookings.

Preferred IT Provider of
A really prestigious award, because gives it only to a select few partners worldwide. The standards to achieve this huge goal are very restrictive and based on reliability, efficiency and ability to implement updates and technological innovations on a short term.
This certificate of excellence, released by the big hospitality top player, officially guarantees that Octorate Channel Manager is the real deal when it comes to innovation, security and user-friendly tools.
Airbnb Preferred Partner

Octorate is Preferred Partner of Airbnb.

This recognition came from our excellent quality service Octorate provides to clients, and it’s a rank conferred to a little number of partners in the world.

Octorate is now an official HomeAway partner

Over 2 million unique place to stay.
Show your property the 44milion travellers who visit HomeAway each month across 50+ international sites.
Connect to Octorate and manage all your listings from your All-In-One Platform.

  • Just one dashboard to monitor every channel’s status, performance and incomes.
  • Just one calendar to manage all reservations, smart and user-friendly
  • Fully integrated with the main PMSs
  • The possibility to connect with more than 110 OTAs


  • Trip Connect Ready
  • Special offers / Discount coupons
  • Compatible with mobile devices & Ical© integration
  • Iphone© – Android smartphone Web-Apps
  • Chat module
  • Google Analytics© integration
  • Facebook Booking Engine
  • Reputation Checker
  • Rate Shopper
  • Technical phone support
  • Get real time information and notifications regarding your guest’s flight delay

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Take control

Besides providing a full control on reservations coming from the internet, Octorate will allow you to improve online positioning (link altri servizi) and to increase bookings directly from your own website, with a fully customizable and responsive Booking Engine tool.