Terms and contidions

Clear and transparent conditions.

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The platform www.Octorate.com is a service of Octorate based in Rome Via Ostiense 387 00146 Roma, Octorate provides its services, especially the use of the database, based on these user conditions.

Website: www.Octorate.com


Octorate (hereinafter OR) is a Booking Engine and Channel Manager dedicated to tourist accommodations (hotels, residences, etc…), for implementing the real-time online bookings originated on the owner’s website.

The reservations originated by OR are completely free; no commission on the transaction is demanded.
This system offers to the owners of the lodging facilities the possibility of configuring the booking schedules and various tariffs plans for the online bookings.

Note: The services offered by OR are characterized by a continually evolving technology.

OR reserves the right to bring modifications to the services offered at its own discretion and at any time as deemed necessary, and whenever the technology changes; these modifications would be involving the services and the way these services are offered to the client, our goal being a continual improvement and optimization of the services provided.



The use of the online booking software and its integration into the lodging’s website is done by enabling a link that will be provided at the moment of the registration and of the configuration of the said website.

OR will create a page for online booking for each subscriber.

It would not be necessary to ever again modify, or install additional software.

Data Entry:

The representative of the lodging facility is responsible for the online data input (room rates, booking schedule, etc.). The self-management program is accessible 24 hours a day via the Internet subject to the availability of such service offered to the client by the Internet service provider.

The username and password necessary for logging into the management system will be chosen by the person representing the lodging facility, person that will be responsible for insuring the confidentiality and for not disclosing of such information to third parties.

Booking System

Bookings are made completely online through a secure SSL server, based on the data previously entered in the system by the lodging facility which is assuming total responsibility for the accuracy of information.

The customer and the lodging facility are the only parts in the contract; each part will receive a confirmation of the booking in real time by e-mail.
Evidently, OR does not act as an intermediary; it is only providing the software allowing the online booking.

Credit Card

Note that when booking online no payment is made; the Credit Card is being used exclusively as a means to guarantee the online booking. The credit card is checked only in regard to the validity for the given set of numbers through the so-called Luhn algorithm. OR does not guarantee the authenticity of the said credit card stored in its servers and encrypted and it cannot be decrypted by OR in accordance with PCI-DSS safety standards.

The subsequent charging of the customers’ credit card is fully the responsibility of the lodging facility.
Not acting as an intermediary OR is completely relieved of any disputes between the lodging facility and its customers.

Channel Manager

The channel manager is a system used for linking and updating of the online booking portal, in regard to the availability and prices.

Although OR provides this service using reliable technologies and maintains a constant monitoring and updating system, it should be noted that the services are characterized by evolving technology; the lodging facility is required to ensure the proper updating of its own portals. OR is not responsible for any overbooking or for the owner’s failure of updating the portals.

Duration of the Contract

The contract becomes effective at the date of registration and has an unlimited validity. The cancellation is possible at any time for both parties. Inside “Upgrade” section, the user can deactivate autonomously one or more services included in the platform.

Information regarding the data handling

The privacy of data is regulated by the Legislative Decree no.196 art.13 of June 30th 2003 – Code regarding the protection of personal data.

For the representative of the lodging facility:

We want to inform you that the Legislative Decree Nr.196, of June 30th 2003 (“The Code regarding the protection of personal data”) regards the treatment of personal data by physical and juridical persons.
Under the legislation mentioned above, the processing of personal data shall follow principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency and the protection of your privacy and your rights.
According to article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003.