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Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor, Trivago

Connect the main Metasearchers

Connect your property to the main metasearchers, increase your reservations and optimise your advertising investments.

Manage your ranking on the metasearchers and increase your visibility online. Check your campaigns’ productivity and achieve your sales targets.

Increase your sales online

With Octorate you can connect the main metasearchers: Google Hotel Ads, Trivago, TripAdvisor.

These online platforms increase your visibility: millions of users will find and choose your property online. The direct connection with Octorate allows to optimise your advertising investments, by lowering costs and fostering customers’ loyalty.

What is a metasearch?

It is a research platform gathering information on prices and availabilities of accommodation facilities. This allows travellers to compare the offers on different online sale channels, including the official website of your property.

Octorate is connected to the main Metasearch: Google Hotel Ads, Trivago, TripAdvisor.

Many users choose to purchase on metasearchers as they offer the opportunity to compare prices, conditions and availabilities. Moreover, the metasearchers platforms allow to show the outputs on the portals and services that the user most frequently consults, such as Google organic search, Google maps, TripAdvisor reviews. Trivago as well is a search engine used by travellers to find special offers and rates.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be found by millions of travellers and take full control of your property online, through sales’ disintermediation and diversification.

Octorate Channel Manager allows you to manage the main metasearchers. Choose the channels where you want to sell your rooms and start now the free trial offered by Octorate!

Increase your visibility and your reservations through the Metasearch

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Google Hotel Ads

Google My Business, Google Hotel finder, Google Maps

Pay attention to the details


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Pay attention to the details

The more you provide detailed information on your property, the simpler will be for your potential customers to find you. Pay attention to the contents on your website and on your Booking Engine Evo. Create an interesting profile to make it appealing for users, add contacts, high-resolution photos, a complete lists of services and captivating descriptions.

On Trivago, reputation is a key factor for travellers who want to choose an hotel and it is scored in numbers. Trivago Rating Index shows your score to users, according to the online reviews you received. Satisfied guests are encouraged to leave positive comments on many sites: this will increase your score and as a consequence your reservations.

Increase your reservations

TripAdvisor - TripConnect

Octorate is a certified Premium Partner

Engage your customers

Travellers can consult your property’s prices and availabilities directly on TripAdvisor. You will receive high-quality web traffic from Tripadvisor and convert it into reservations with your Booking Engine EVO.

Octorate is a certified Premium Partner with TripAdvisor.
Only Premium Partners can offer the option Instant Booking on TripAdvisor, allowing to easily increase gains with a simple commission model based on completed stays. Premium Partners can offer additional functionalities as TripConnect CPC campaigns and Reviews Express.

The certificate ensures the connection to API TripConnect: Codified, Tested and Approved by TripAdvisor.

  • Show direct rates and availabilities
  • Receive simple and quick direct reservations
  • Check acquisition costs
  • Access the main profit monitoring services