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Thanks to the integration between Octorate and Sclak, managing checks-in and checks-out will be very easy!

Sclak is a system that allows a safe control of checks-in and daily guests and is made by an application for smartphones and an electronic device.

If you manage hotels, guesthouses, vacation rentals or B&B, when you receive a reservation you can create an electronic key for your guests and it will only be valid during their stay.

The guests will receive a link to set up the application on their smartphones and will have access to the property according to the authorizations you will assign.

You could use this access mode also for the cleaning and maintenance staff, without having to be at your property or duplicate your keys!

With just a simple clic, you will have full control of your property!

Vikey – Self check-in for Vacation rentals

Thanks to Vikey’s innovative check-in system you can forget city crossings, cancelled flights, unexpected events and long delays waiting for your guests by checking them in directly from your smartphone.

With Vikey’s remote check-in, self check-in and online check-in you can choose the preferred way to have guests access your apartment!

Logaster – create a logo and corporate branding

Our partner Logaster is an online brand identity builder that has helped 9 million of small businesses with a fast, simple and affordable branding solution. Octorate customers can purchase services from Logaster from this page with 15% discount. Try Logaster in action right now.

The Hotels Network

Customers compare prices without leaving your website, with a simple yet powerful widget

Display automatic messages based on website activity (e.g. “X users are looking at this hotel right now”) and create custom notes to emphasize specific advantages (e.g. “free cancellation until 24 hours before check in”).

Installation is super simple: just add a line of code to your current website, no surgery required. It takes your IT person 10 minutes to have it up and running.


Triptease Platform helps you recapture guest relationships and bring your unique service online.

Optimize your website to increase direct bookings with data insights, targeted messaging, automated live chat and personalization tailored for hotels.

Built specifically for hoteliers, the platform is helping more than 17,000 hotels around the world speak directly with their guests, manage their parity and offer the best price direct


Do you want to improve the online visibility of your hotel?
In SocialTur, we are digital marketing and web design specialists, and online marketing experts for independent hotels.

Our goal is that of improving hotels’ online communication though their website, and turn it into an effective sales channel that can lead to reservations. In this way, the profitability of the business and the loyalty of your customers will be improved.


More than just a cool, modern and responsive website. You will be able to increase your conversion rate using the Booking Engine EVO, and to improve your online visibility managing your distribution channels with Octorate Channel Manager.