Manage all property operations in one system

Optimized efficiency

The PMS is a property management software for the main activities of your property. Managing your rooms will never be easier and faster from cleaning to booking, with precise statistics according to room type and clients. It will improve the efficiency and it will increase incomes effortlessly.

It will always provide you with a clear schedule of occupancy, according to arrivals and departures. Integrating Real Planning and Channel Manager will make easier to manage reservations, online distribution and check in/out process.

Perfect for big and small

Our PMS is perfect for every kind of property. It’s simple to use and it does not require heavy software installation.

Besides managing invoices, the PMS allows you to check the performances of your property through useful tools displaying advanced statistics.

  • Interactive Calendar with room and resevation options (drag/drop and many more)
  • Automatic room allotment through a specific optimization algorithm
  • Email templates to be sent before/after arrival
  • Advanced statistics
  • Unlimited work stations
  • Daily check in/out reports
  • Integration with Channel Manager and Booking Engine
  • Invoice Management

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App Mobile

Octorate PMS is consistent with octorate mobile app.
You can access the PMS by using your smartphone or your Iphone. Wherever you’ll be and in every moment you wish.
Take always under control the planning of your real rooms and all reservations you got from your guests.
Available both on Ios and Android, the app is constantly updated with all the advanced features of our platform.


Thanks to the integration with google calendar you can add your employers in PMS and connect their accounts.

Manage housekeeping and all the little mainteinences will be very quickly : you can assign them the linen changing by creating events on their calendar and adding. You will receive the notification once it’s done.
On PMS calendar you will see in real time when the room is ready to receive your guests!

Increase your bookings and the conversion rate

Besides being in full control of the daily tasks of your property thanks to Real Planning, the Channel Manager will allow you to manage online distribution and the Booking Engine will increase direct booking and conversion rate from your website. Additional services will improve online visibility of your property.